Photos of the Bridal Shower and Other Various Happenings

Here is my attempt to “catch up” on sharing photos with you! So, here are photos from the last couple of months! I’ll start with the most recent events: Last night we were in charge of hosting a church shower for bride-to-be Rachel L.! It was a really fun evening!

Rachel’s Bridal Shower
Sally, Rachel, Christina & Elisabeth
Rachel Sharing her Courtship story and Missions Plans

Kris did a wonderful job of sharing the “ABC’s of being a Godly wife”: Be ATTENTIVE to him, Be BEAUTIFUL (inside and out) for him, and be CONTENT with him (and with what God provides through him)

A Hearty Thank You to All of our Helpers! Here are some of them!

One morning last week I heard excited exclaiming coming from Kelsey who was looking out at the lake from the kitchen: What did she see?

An Invasion of PELICANS!!

What seemed like HUNDREDS of huge birds invading our shoreline!!!

We have come to expect and enjoy a vast array of wildlife on our lake, but we have never before (in the 15 years we have lived here) seen anything quite like this. It was a very impressive sight, an armada of immense birds storming the shore! With their orange pointed beaks and incredible whiteness, they moved as one: so closely, so rapidly, so purposefully!
They came so fast that we missed the most dramatic part, but we got a few shots of these beautiful creatures.

In mid-May, our Decorator Crab Tree in all its glory!

Tea Party Photos

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