Do You Have Any Defects?

Do you have real or imagined “defects”? I do. I have scars. Quite a few, actually.

They’re hidden for the most part, but I know they’re there. I’ve found it very helpful to apply the teaching from the Basic Seminar on this. Mr. Gothard encourages us to think of our scars (or defects) as God’s mark of ownership on our life and thank Him for them. And to use them as opportunities to talk to others about Christ.

I thank God often for my scars. They remind me of His great love and faithfulness to me. It’s a long story, so I won’t go into it here, (you can read my ovarian cancer testimony in a previous post) but God did a huge work in my life through having cancer. And I’m grateful for the open doors to talk about Christ that having had cancer affords me. That’s why, whenever I have the opportunity, though my scars are hidden by clothing, I try to tactfully bring the cause of my scars, my cancer surgery, into the conversation. It gives me an opportunity to testify to God’s power, love and faithfulness in my life, and it makes people more open to hearing about Christ.

Grateful for Scars

I’m grateful for my scars. Perhaps God has given you something similar in your life. Have you ever thanked Him for it? How we see our “defects” is very important. In the seminar, we heard that we should not only thank God for any “defects” we have but think of them as God’s mark of ownership. Whenever we see them, we can remember how much He loves us, enough to send His Son to die in our place. Christ now has scars which are a precious reminder to Him (and us) of that great love!!

It’s All In How You Look At It

How we think about our “defects” is very important. In the seminar, we heard how at one time in history men with scars were highly esteemed as great swordfighters! (They were the brave and skillful ones, while their opponents were dead!) so some young men would cut their own faces, wanting to appear brave and have the admiration of all the girls, without actually having to fight, seeing how desirable the scarred men were! So, it’s not the scar (or whatever “defect”) but the meaning attached to it that counts. So, he suggests you attach new meaning to your defects–thank God for giving you a reminder that He is Lord of your life, that He loves you and that He has a purpose and a plan for you that He is working out even now in this very moment.
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2 Replies to “Defects”

  1. Deborah Ann,
    Isn't God amazingly wonderful? Thank you for your comments!
    P.S. Praying that your healing is going well!

  2. What a beautiful lesson. I never looked at my scars that way before. It makes sense to be thankful for them, because each scar is a reminder that Jesus took our own scars on His back, His love is that great!

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