A Beautiful Fall Day

Freezing Corn

Today was a beautiful fall day, and here are some of the things we did with it!
     I had the blessing of helpers to take care of about 5 dozen ears of free sweet corn we were given which needed to be frozen.  Grandpa had just shucked all of them and I’d been cutting it off the cob, when my wonderful husband came in from mulching leaves and joined in to finish the job!  (Kelsey was making cookies to serve during the break at tomorrow’s seminar.)  Of course, for Grandpa, this amount of corn is a drop in the bucket to what my mother-in-law used to do!  After all, she did have an acre of garden!!  He tells us that to cool all the corn, she would fill the bathtub with ice water and then put in large metal pans filled with corn.  The last few years they would shuck the corn in the fields.
     The result of our efforts today was 12 pint-size bags of corn in the freezer!  Not a ton, but I was grateful to have it and I was also able to share some of the additional corn and free produce we received (squash and watermelon) with my mom and a neighbor who’s been very generous to us in the past.  What a blessing!!  Thank you Hendricksons!!

Jumping in the Leaves

Should we just look at them?
No!  Let’s jump in!!
   Breezy, Jeanie and Doug–just havin’ some fun

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