An Important Event Took Place!

An important EVENT in our family took place last Friday!
(Drumroll please!)
Kelsey got her Driver’s License!!!!!
(For those who are paying attention, yes, she is 20–but why rush into things? Actually, it was not something she needed to get, since her brother or other family members took her everywhere she needed and wanted to go:) But now she finally has her license!
Here are some photos documenting the event:
Kelsey was very nervous before her Test!

The Beginning of the Test

Doing Good, Kelsey!

The “Scary Man” 🙂 who Tested Kelsey
No Need to Ask if she Passed!

Filling out her License Application

Yay, Kelsey! We’re Proud of You!!!

4 Replies to “An Important Event Took Place!”

  1. Candid photos can be quite interesting, I realize :)You're welcome, Kels–I loved being your chauffeur–I wouldn't have missed it! Thanks for all the ways you serve our family, and we are excited for you and proud of your accomplishment! Love, Mom

  2. Wow, Mom, those pictures of me are…um, interesting!
    Thanks for being my chauffeur all these years–now you can SEND me to get groceries!
    I still think you guys are more excited about this than I am. smile.


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