Three Little Words “Just Try Again”

I bought a wall plaque recently at an antique store because of its encouraging message.  “Just Try Again.”  Who doesn’t need to hear an encouraging word like this?  Here is the full message:

Try Again
Three little words “Just try again.”
Their meaning is so very plain.
Make use of them,
they’ll stand by you.
“Just try again”
and you’ll get through.

4 Replies to “Three Little Words “Just Try Again””

  1. Wow, we had this little plaque on our wall at home in Durban South Africa when I was a little girl. I quoted those words to my daughter this morning. They are so so true. All the best to you. Keep the plaque in a special place where you can always see it. God bless

    1. Mary, Just came across this comment and I was reminded of these words again just yesterday. I do keep this plaque where I can see it:) These are grace-filled words that everyone needs to hear over and over again. That’s cool that across the world this same little encouraging plaque was blessing someone else! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yes, your dad's right! He must be a wise man. 🙂 Satan would have us give up, but we must keep on encouraging each other and ourselves, especially with Scripture. Thanks for that further encouragement!
    Wendy/Mrs. G

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