Christmas In A Box: An Opportunity to Give Some Christmas Joy To Our Veterans

   Today our friend, Jeanie Mendenhall, fulfilled a dream.  Last Christmas our little 20-year-old redheaded friend determined to help make Christmas a little brighter this year for some.  Today, Jeanie brought joy to the lives of 18 people at the Saint Cloud Veterans Hospital Retirement Home, as she brought them “Christmas in a Box.”  Each box that she delivered was filled with a miniature Christmas tree, decorations, small gifts, and a Christmas book with a CD.  In addition, Jeanie brought helpers and musicians to bless the veterans. She brought her family (Kerry, Breezy, and Doug–Dad was working), and some friends (Ryan, Linnea, Stephen, Peter and Michael) along with her, and together they sang carols and played their violins.
     “I wanted to find a way to give back a little for all that they have given for us,” she said of those who have fought for our country.  To see the faces of those who received “Christmas In A Box” today, I think she accomplished her goal.

By the way, WCCO-TV’s 6 o’clock news broadcast featured Jeanie! 
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