A Penetrating Question

 Is Your Quiet Time with God:
M = Moving
O = Organized
R = Renewing
N = (K)nee-bending
I = Involved
N = Normal
G = Growth-producing


E = Essential
V = Vital
E = Exhilarating
N = Necessary
I = Intrinsic
N = Needful
G = Gladsome


3 Replies to “A Penetrating Question”

  1. Hi Kela!
    Yes, when I'm reading the Bible, but I have no idea what I just read when I'm done(!)or my Quiet Time's not making any difference in my day-to-day life, I know that I need to ask myself some of these questions, and figure out what changes I need to make. It really comes back to Jesus Christ being Master of my life, and growing in “relationship” with Him, not just checking off a list of things to do: Yep, had my Quiet Time! I'm good-to-go! I'm really hearing the Lord challenging me to go deeper with Him.
    Love to see you comment, Kela! Thanks!

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