Wendy’s Helpful Hints, (Part 1) Timely Tips on Tuesday

Saving Time and Money

1. Write the person’s name at the top of the day of their event (Birthdays/Anniversaries) on your calendar.

2. To save money: Buy greeting cards at thrift stores, or make them, or use note cards and write your own sentiment or poem on the inside.

3. To save time and gas, plan all errands, etc. on one day of the week.

4. Whenever possible do two or more things at once: e.g. while riding in the car do handwork or write letters or do planning in your planner; while the family is listening to a read-aloud-book the girls can do handwork/knit/crochet or do artwork/drawing; while watching a video have the washing machine going or sort laundry; while listening to an audio book on cassette for school do baking/cooking/cleaning in the same area.

Helps for Honoring Special Days such as Birthdays and Anniversaries

Store Gifts For Later Use on a “Gift Shelf”

5. Have a “Gift Shelf” somewhere in your home: a closet works well: when things are on sale buy items for future gift-giving such as baby clothes, or toys, in both blue and pink for upcoming baby showers, books for grads, misc. small items for giving as hostess gifts, frames or small photo albums or glass serving dishes, which may be found at outlets, for bridal showers, etc.)

6. When you buy a person’s birthday gift, also buy their Christmas gift (and vice versa). This spreads gift-buying out over the whole year instead of having all the expense at once; it makes gift-buying easier:  because you’re already thinking of the person’s likes, colors, size, and you can also buy items that will go together (the shirt for his birthday, the tie for Christmas; the plate for her birthday, the matching cups or bowl for Christmas).

7. To save money and yet give something very “special,” you can make Christmas gifts, but you will need to start early, perhaps even in January (you can work on handwork gifts while listening to reading or while riding in the car).

8. Buy Christmas and other gift-wrapping paper and bags at the end of the season, or when on sale. Have a Gift-wrap center in a closet or on a shelf, if you don’t have a special organizer.  Keep these items there:  gift-wrap/bags, tape and scissors, as well as ribbon and bows, etc.

9. Have a box or desk drawer where you specifically keep your greeting cards to send (sorted by occasion); keep a supply of note cards on hand for thank you, thinking of you, praying for you or get well occasions; have stamps and return address stickers in an envelope or nearby in a desk drawer or another box.

10. Put an X by the person’s name on your calendar when you have sent the card, gift or thank you note.




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