What Does Homosexual Marriage Lead To?

Legalizing homosexual marriage will lead to…?
Well, Tom Pritchard, of the Minnesota Family Council, writes in a disturbing article that people think he’s being alarmist when he has stated that it would lead to polygamy.  That’s only the beginning, folks. Polyamory (Poly for short) is the latest trend.

“Framing it in broad terms, (Jay) Sekora, one of the three founders and acting administrator of the 500-person-strong group Poly Boston, says: ‘There’s monogamy where two people are exclusive. There’s cheating in which people are lying about being exclusive. And poly is everything else.’”

When anything goes, sin leads to more sin. Click Here to read the article by Pritchard, where you will find the link to the Boston Globe article on Polyamory, quoted above, by Sandra A. Miller (1/03/10).

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