This is me, the last few days.
Learning HTML…on Blogger.
’nuff said.
(My son mused that if he had more time, he’d just stay home,
go to my blog and have fun watching things appear and disappear!
If you’ve been having that kind of fun, I apologize!
I think I have it together now–sort of…)

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  1. Oh, well, if anyone can do something “weird” on the computer, I CAN! (How embarrassing.) I think what I did was to schedule it to post next Saturday, the 6th, but forgot to change it to “2” and so it posted 1/6 and then when I changed it to 2/6, it only changed the date and not the fact that it shows up! Aaarg. I've had some extra time this week, and I've been even thinking of completely changing my whole blog look…depends on how much time I have. Thanks for giving me a good laugh:)on myself.
    Mrs. G

  2. Things haven't been appearing and disappearing for us, but we can't figure out how you managed to post the posting on shoes and have it say it was posted on the 6th of February!! :O

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