Homeschooling: Workshop on Learning Styles

Hi everyone! I just found a wonderful website/blog called Heart of the Matter ( and for the third time in 24 hours was prompted to think and read about Learning Styles! I think that knowing how you learn and how your child learns, is probably the best help in successfully Homeschooling that you can have. Teaching using their learning style is like speaking their native language, versus trying to teach them, but speaking in a language they don’t understand. I like going back to the basics. Does my child (and do I) learn better by seeing/reading something, or by hearing it? (Visual or Auditory) All children are tactile to some degree, and will benefit by being able to touch, feel and interact with whatever they are learning. But we adults can also benefit by handling what we’re learning about! I find I’m personally more tactile with each passing day. But, I can still remember my mother admonishing me constantly not to touch things!  (Especially in stores:)  I have to “do it” (tactile) to learn it. So, I’m very tactile. However, my main learning style is “visual learner”.  I am a living example that the more senses employed in the learning, the better you’ll remember what you’ve learned. This applies whether you’re learning to make your bed, learning your math facts, or learning how to redesign your blog. Learning Styles are important!

So, I wanted to tell you about a great resource, if you want to know more about Learning Styles! Over at Heart of the Matter, there’s info about an upcoming workshop by Carol Barnier called “What are you thinking? Learning Styles and Beyond”! To read more about it, go to the link below. There’s all the information there about the Live Workshop Feb. 22 on Learning Styles and the online Parenting and Home Education Conference.  Go to this great info and link about Learning Styles for all the details.

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  1. Lisa, thank you. I'm glad you were encouraged by them. I'm praying for you!
    (I'm working on getting my email up on my blog, so that people can contact me, but haven't got it yet. Sorry.)

  2. Wendy, this is completely unrelated to your post, but I wanted to say thank you for your heartfelt, wisdom packed comment left on my post. I soaked in your words and will continue to return to the reminders and truth you captured in them. Thank you for taking the time to encourage me. It means so much! You are a precious woman!

    Love in Christ,

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