Thankful Thursday: God’s Still Working On Me

I received another confirmation last week that God hears my prayers. He’s working in my life, weaving everything together. I’m thankful today, Thankful Thursday, that He’s in the process of changing me, in answer to my prayers. And He’s not going to give up until He’s done. (It won’t be completed until I see Him face-to-face, I know, and yet it is a completed work because of His death and resurrection.) He is the God of my salvation, yes, but also, He is the God of my sanctification, making me into the image of His dear Son, Jesus Christ.  He’s got His work cut out for Him. Last week I went crashing headlong into the wall of my sinful humanity, and some of my family were in the vehicle with me, and injured, too. God and my family heard my pleas for forgiveness, and before I even asked, God was answering my cry for Him to “change me.”  Sunday, He spoke to me so clearly. He opened up my eyes to the sin of pride I had been blind to (I really had no idea). Very humbling. Confession again, turning, more humbling…which made me ready for the boatload of grace which I needed so badly. (“He gives grace to the humble.” He gives you grace when you see yourself as He sees you: needy.) I am so grateful for His grace, and the recognition yet once more that it is He and He alone who deserves all the glory in my life. He made me so very grateful again for my family. They make me look good. And He made me aware of the force of the spiritual battle we are in. It’s intense. But God has overcome the enemy–Praise God! And He who began a good work in me, will be faithful to complete it.

“Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”
Philippians 1:6

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6 Replies to “Thankful Thursday: God’s Still Working On Me”

  1. Amen, Jennifer! God is so good! His love is so wonderful. His grace and mercy so endless. What you said about looking back over your life made me think of how, you know, in the Old Testament they would set up altars of stones, so that they would remember what God had done for them…Your words made me think of how I should be keeping a journal to remind me of these moments. Thanks!

  2. He's so wonderful, isn't He? I look back over my life and am amazed that He has been so patiently leading me and correcting me. His love is awe-inspiring.
    Thank you for sharing your special moment with us.

  3. LeAnn,
    Thanks for your comment! Sin always causes so much pain. But you're right–in some ways it was wonderful, because through forgiveness, and turning from sin, I grew closer to the Lord. Whenever the Lord is convicting of sin, confession is taking place and humbling is happening, it's a great week with the Lord! Hard, but great!

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