Treasure Them While You Can

We had the family Kelsey nannies for over for dinner tonight. Almost 5, almost 3 and just-turned 1. Three little boys who wrapped their sweet little fists around my heart. I got to hold a little one today! Are you treasuring these days with your little ones? Are you taking time to look at your children and really see them?  Do you connect with a smile and lock eyes with them? Take some time every day to tell them how much you love them and how much Jesus loves them:  When you change a diaper, when you wash a face or give a bath. When you say their name, say it with love…and a smile.

These days are going to be gone amazingly fast, moms. Treasure your little ones.

2 Replies to “Treasure Them While You Can”

  1. Briana! Hey girl, glad to see you here. How are you all? I bet you're glad it's warmer so your little guys can get outside:)
    It was so fun to have “Kelsey's” little guys here, and *very* busy! The littlest one reminded me so much of Dane! (When he was little of course:)I think it was very kind of God to make the idea of grandbabies, and I can't wait til we get to that stage! I guess I have to get my kids married first, though, huh? LOL
    Thanks for letting me know you were here! So cool!
    Wendy/Mrs. G

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