Valentine’s Dinner: Video Cooking Show

I just found this *great* cooking show on YouTube! “Cooking for Dads” but it’s not just for dads, by a long shot!  Rob Barrett has put together some very professional cooking shows from his kitchen, which I’m going to post here on my Timely Tips on Tuesdays series, but I happened on this Valentine’s Dinner, so I just had to post it right away–I know you’re going to love it. I mentioned on Food Friday that children, especially daughters, need to learn how to cook.  Well, one thing I love about these videos is that he makes his recipes easy to understand and cook!  If you haven’t already got something planned for Valentine’s Dinner, try this! It looks really simple, and delicious. Coconut Shrimp, Salad, and special carrots…well, watch and see!

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  1. Denise and Jennifer,
    Aren't these good? I think they'll be great, (though I make the disclaimer that I haven't watched all of them, so can't make guarantees.) He does seem to be a sweet guy and very in love with his wife–gotta love that. My husband loves coconut, but not seafood–wish he did, cuz I do!:) But his other recipes I think my hubby will like. I'm looking forward to watching and trying some of the recipes. Let me know if you try any of them and how they come out!

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