Quote of the Day from Richard Baxter’s “The Folly of Trying to Please Men”

“Remember that the holiest saints or apostles could never please the world, nor escape their censures, slanders, and cruelties, no, nor Jesus Christ himself. And can you think by honest means to please them better than Christ and all his saints have done? You have not the wisdom that Christ had to please men, and to avoid offence. You have not the perfect innocency and unblamableness that Christ had, you cannot heal their sicknesses and infirmities, and do that good to them to please and win them, as Jesus Christ did; you cannot convince them, and constrain them to reverence you by manifold miracles, as Jesus Christ did. Can you imitate such an excellent pattern as is set you by the holy, patient charitable, unwearied apostle Paul? Acts xx.; 1 Cor. iv. ix.; 2 Cor. iv. v. vi. x. xi. xii. If you cannot, how can you please them that would not be pleased by such unimitable works of love and power? The more Paul “loved”some of his hearers, “the less he was beloved,” 2 Cor. xii. 15. They used him “as an enemy for telling them the truth,” Gal. iv. 16. Though he “became all things to all men,” he could “save but some,” nor “please but some,” I Cor. ix. 22. And what are you that you should better please them?”