RSS not working

To all of you trying to get the RSS feed to work, my apologies!  (Yes, I have been posting.) I just found out why it’s not working, and I’m attempting to fix the problem–I will let you know when I’ve got it up and running!  Until then, please follow using the regular method! Thank you for your patience everybody!

3 Replies to “RSS not working”

  1. Amy,
    Really?! Oh, dear, that's not good! I'm sorry. I had no idea! I'll try to find out what's happening, but thank you so much for letting me know, Amy!! I really appreciate it!
    Mrs. Gunn
    To my other followers: If you are reading this and having the same problem, will you please contact me/comment and let me know?! Thank you so much!

  2. Mrs Gunn,
    Blogger hasn't been updating us in the follower section, of your blog posts for a while. I think that is different than the RSS feed.? Maybe once the RSS feed is fixed, the blogger follower update problem with your blog will be solved as well.


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