Timely Tips on Tuesday: Rob Barrett Cooking Coconut Fish

Ok, on a lighter note: we’re cooking fish today!
My husband loves fish, and he loves coconut! So, this is the perfect recipe for him.  Rob Barrett of “Cooking for Dads” is cooking Coconut Fish! (Do your kids like fish? Mine don’t, but we keep trying:)  We live on a lake, where my husband catches bass standing on the edge of our lawn just casting out, right from shore! It’s amazingly delicious when you’re eating fish from your own lake 30 minutes from catch to eat!  When I was growing up, I hated fish (too many bones, I suppose… But that’s a “fileting” problem, isn’t it?) but I have learned to love fish.  I’m really looking forward to testing this recipe out on my husband, and I’ll let you know if he likes it! (Such an unusual combination!)  I hope you’ll try it, too (and love it)–and let me know what your “tricks” are for getting your kids/family to eat fish! Thanks! And,

*Rob suggests you can cut down on the brown sugar about a 1/3, I believe, for a better result:)

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  1. Hi legendswife,
    I agree about coming up with new ideas for recipes! Sometimes I wonder how someone ever thought of something, but then I realize how amazing it is that someone ever thought up something I take for granted in our eating or cooking!
    Thanks for the thought:)

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