Timely Tips on Tuesday: Rob Barrett’s “Cooking for Dads” Video Cooking Asiany Peanut Butter Steak

It’s Tuesday, and that means “Timely Tips on Tuesday”.  The past few weeks I’ve been sharing with you some of the wonderful cooking videos by Rob Barrett that I recently found on Youtube.  Rob, of “Cooking for Dads” fame, is a local hero, from my neck of the woods, and is developing quite a faithful following.  Today, he’s making “Asiany Peanut Butter Steak.” A little later, I’ll be posting the related video in which he shows how to make your own peanut butter. I really enjoy watching these videos, because he shows quick and easy ways to make recipes that look like you spent a whole lot more time cooking–in other words they look delicious!  I can’t wait to try this one!
In this video, he does a little “Costco ad”.

(My note: Shopping at Costco or Sam’s Club can, actually, save you some money, (I love Sam’s Club) *if* you shop wisely. For me that means:

1) Don’t assume everything in the store is cheaper.
2) Don’t buy 20 years’ worth of something because the price was right, and,
3) Don’t fall prey to buying the item you’ve “sampled” out of guilt, when you don’t really want or need it!)

I hope these videos and recipes will help you feed those you love, deliciously and quickly, giving you more time to spend with them–Enjoy!

2 Replies to “Timely Tips on Tuesday: Rob Barrett’s “Cooking for Dads” Video Cooking Asiany Peanut Butter Steak”

  1. I agree with your tips for shopping at warehouse stores. I am such a sucker for those samples. We've had to learn what we will use. Try the steak and send me a pic. stay in touch and cook well.

  2. That recipe looks good. I love Sam's or BJ's but don't have a membership there right now.

    Thanks for sharing. & for following me – I'm following you now too.

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