What’s It Going To Take? Part B

Please read Part A of “What’s It Going To Take?” This is Part 4B in the Series:  “Ten Things” Most Important in Child-Training: Advice from an Older Woman. Click on the posts in the sidebar under “Ten Things” to read the whole series.

When we make decisions about how we will raise our children, we often look at others’ lives and what decisions they have made, and follow them.  Jesus said, before you listen to them, or follow them, look at the fruit in their lives.

Wait to see the end result, and the mature, ripened fruit, in the life of a person, before you follow their methods and counsel. In child-training, that would mean that the person has grownup children.  Listening to, and following, those whose fruit is still immature is risky, at best, and though the person may be very Godly, and their example stellar, and it may be that their fruit will end up being sweet indeed, you won’t know for sure until their children are grown.

There may be some little chip in the cup that will cause it to crack and break later. Choices they are making now, habits they are forming, associations they are allowing, wrong belief systems they are making their own from the media or entertainment world, misled examples they are admiring from the real or blogging world: any or all of these may be the seeds sown, which will reap destruction in a future season.

We may not understand all the reasons, but God’s Word teaches young women to listen to older women.

The aged women likewise…That they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands,
Titus 2:3a-5

You’re listening to someone. No doubt you’re copying somebody in your day-to-day living and thinking. You’re formulating some philosophy of child-raising. Do it with thought and prayer. Do it Biblically.

Who you should listen to is God, in His Word. Then, your husband. Then, Godly older women. Whatever you do, listen to the right voices. Your children’s (and grandchildren’s) faith and future depends on it! And God’s reputation is at stake.

Ask, as you examine, “Is this the result, or fruit, I want in my life, for our family, in my children?” “Is it lasting fruit?” and “Is it Godly fruit?” (according to Scripture)  Remember that no human being is perfect, so ultimately God, through His Holy Spirit and His Word, are the only things you can completely trust to lead you–and He will.

If the person you want to be like is also taking credit for the fruit, and proud, look somewhere else, because it’s only by God’s grace, and the work of His Holy Spirit that Godly fruit is produced.

So, what I’m saying is this:  look at the fruit. And, check everything against Scripture.


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