Home School Blog Hop: “Homeschool Informational Desserts”

Welcome to new followers and Homeschooling friends!  Kylie at Our Worldwide Classroom is once again hosting the Home School Blog Hop, which I have really enjoyed!  It has been wonderful to meet Homeschoolers from all across America and the world.

Today, to ease back into it, there is no theme, so write on anything you want!  I thought I would share something that we are doing, in hopes that it would encourage old and new Homeschoolers alike–“veteran” Homeschoolers, why not try this in your area?

We love to encourage others to Homeschool.  That is why my husband and I have hosted what we call, “Homeschool Informational Desserts”.  These are meetings with dessert, of course, where we bring together “veteran” Homeschooling Couples with couples who want to start, or are thinking about, Homeschooling.  We try to send them home with up-to-date information (from MACHE, Teach Institute and HSLDA), answers to their most pressing questions and encouragement.

These are fun, informal and encouraging evenings, and we are planning to have another one soon!

So, if you live in the Twin Cities area (Mpls/St.Paul, Minnesota), and are interested in attending one of these events, please comment here, or email me, with your information and I will be happy to send you information about the next gathering!

4 Replies to “Home School Blog Hop: “Homeschool Informational Desserts””

  1. The Informational Desserts sound like a great idea! Guess Pa is aways away from you though, huh? Thanks for all you share. Blessings.

  2. Hi Blossom!
    So glad you stopped by! I hope you do come back and dig deeper, as you say–that would be wonderful:)
    I will stop by and visit you, too.

  3. Hi, Wendy. It is nice to meet you 🙂 I happened on your blog through the blog hop. Aren't they great? I love checking out others blogs and meeting new people.
    Your blog does look great…I will have to come back often and dig deeper!
    Have a wonderful day!

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