Make Your Mother’s Day Special–Honor Your Mother!

May 8, 1914 (98 years ago) Congress passed a law designating the 2nd Sunday of May as Mothers Day.  On May 9, 1914, President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed to the nation the first Mothers Day.  A day to show the flag in honor of those mothers whose sons had died in war.

Predating the officially proclaimed day, there was a day set aside in many areas and organizations for the purpose of healing a community torn by a civil war, and to bring honor to those who sacrificed.  Now, Mothers Day is a retailing and marketing event, a real bonanza in the world of commerce.  Mothers Day is also observed in some other countries, like Canada, today, and Mexico, tomorrow.

It is Mother’s Day, not Mothers’ Day, meaning that it is singular.  It is a mother that you honor, not all mothers.  Men, this is not Wife’s Day, but Mother’s Day.  Ladies, it’s ok to receive honor from your country for your contributions to patriotism of the next generation.  It’s ok to receive honor from your church fellowship for your contribution to sustaining and preserving the Church into the next generation.  It’s ok to receive honor from your husband for your huge contribution in raising up your children.  But, in all that, do not lose sight of the fact that it is Mother’s Day, your mother’s day.

So the first admonition to each one of us is not “Honor mothers”, but “Honor your mother”!  Singular.

It doesn’t matter where your mother is in the mothering and raising you up process, that is to say, it doesn’t matter how old you are.  As a human being created by God in your mother’s womb, you should honor the mother that makes you aware of the fact that you are made in the image of God.

As a son, you should honor a mother that raises you up as a man of good character and high moral standards.  As an American citizen, you should honor the mother that raises you up as a citizen, a soldier, a patriot ready to defend and sustain your country.

As a Christian, you should honor the mother that raises you up as a soldier and workman that stands upon God’s Word and perpetuates and sustains the Church of Jesus Christ until He returns.

As a daughter, you should honor the mother that raises you up as a good and Godly woman to carry on and support and help a good and Godly man to fulfill his calling, and to bring forward the next generation.  Honor your mother!

Anna Jarvis was one of the people that battled relentlessly to get an official annual Mother’s Day established.  She despised the idea of commercializing it.  She believed the day should stay focused on honoring mother, your mother.  The story is told that, after the day had been officially established, she once went into a restaurant and ordered the “Mothers Day Salad” and upon receiving it she dumped it out on the floor, and walked out, to make her point.

From an editorial in a Canadian newspaper:  “Or give Anna Jarvis what she fought so hard to create–a day with no shopping, no donations, no greeting cards.  Sit down, with pen and paper, and write a love letter to your mother.  Tell her what she means to you, what you love about her.  Don’t fret if words aren’t really your thing–she already knows that, and will value the effort all the more.

If it’s too late and the brunch is done and the shrink-wrap is already off the patio furniture, write the letter anyway.  Which do you think your mother will treasure more?”  Honor your mother!  God arranged it so that we each have a mother, so let’s see what you can do to make this a Happy Mother’s Day.  I lost my mother back in July, so I cannot fulfill this admonition any more, so I pass it on to each of you.

Make your Mother’s Day special today.  Honor your mother!

*This was written by my husband, Jerry, and will be shared with our Home Church tomorrow, Mother’s Day, 2010, when he speaks to our group, which meets in our home once a month.  These thoughts were challenging to me, and I hope will be to you, as well. (I am proud of my husband, his thoughts, and his writing. Maybe he should be a regular contributor!)