Mothers Day Idea: Appreciation Fits Mom to a T(ea)

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Have you ever been to, or planned, a Tea for Moms?  I have attended some wonderful Teas over the years.  One of my friends, Sally, a mom to 13 children and a Homeschooler herself, has hosted Appreciation Teas for Homeschoolers for many years, where moms are encouraged and made to feel appreciated for what they are doing.  We, as mothers, have a deep need to know that we’re appreciated, it seems.  We don’t mind doing all those things for our family–but we want to know that our husbands and children notice and are grateful!

Alicia, at Joy in the Everyday, shared on her blog about a Tea that she attended, with one very special element, which thrilled me.  At the end of a wonderful evening together, each of the moms was asked to see the co-leader before leaving, and received a special letter written by her husband, expressing his thanks and appreciation.  Who would not treasure this kind of letter forever?!  Because this idea blessed me so much, I am going to try to implement it somehow to bless the moms I know.  Maybe we could contact the dads in our church, have them write a short note to their wife, and hand them out on Mothers Day?  Do you think it’s a good idea?

By the Grace of my Heavenly Father alone, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

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  1. Wendy ~ Thanks so much for the link up! It was truly an amazing moment when they handed me that envelope. The husbands of our co-leaders worked really hard to get in contact with all the men and make sure that every woman in attendance would have a thank you note.

    Have a great weekend!!


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