My Blog Woke Up Feeling “A Little Off” This Morning

When I went to sleep last night, everything was fine. You know how it happens:  sometime in the night “your baby” becomes sick–you’re not sure what happened, but they’re definitely not “well”!

That’s what happened to “my baby”!  Overnight my blog took a turn for the worse! We’re consulting with “experts” and trying “prescriptions”–please pray that “my baby” will recover very soon, and forgive her “appearance”–she’s “a little off” today!!

*Update* My “baby” seems to be alright now, but we’ll keep her under “observation” for 24 hours!

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3 Replies to “My Blog Woke Up Feeling “A Little Off” This Morning”

  1. Barbie,
    Thanks! I'm learning a lot about blog design fixing my failures! Humbling, but good for me:)
    I really do love learning how to “make my blog look pretty”!

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