New Homeschoolers: How To Begin, Part 1

Are you thinking about Homeschooling, or have you just started out and you’re feeling lost? Wondering where to begin?

The 3 Most Important Things To Do When Starting To Homeschool Kindergarten:

  1. Know that you can do this, and you’re not going to ruin your child(ren).
  2. Pray and ask God for help. And listen to God and your husband.
  3. Read, read, and read to your children (“living books” and the Bible)!

Mom: Top 3 Things To Do For Success in Homeschooling:

  1. Love and Respect Your Husband.
  2. Fear God and Obey The Bible.
  3. Discipline appropriately and Train Your Children Up in the Nurture and Admonition of the Lord.

5 Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Being a Wife and Mom and Homeschooler in one:

  1. Train your children to pay attention to you, and to obey.
  2. Spend lots of time together as a family: laughing, working, and serving the Lord together.
  3. Read the Bible together, and memorize it. (For young children, memorization is done without effort, by simple repetition! It’s we parents who have to work at it!)
  4. Be, and teach how to be, “A Lover of Learning.” Ask questions about what is going on around you, and find out more about what interests you and them.
  5. Make the most of “teachable moments” when they’re asking questions and want to know more!

Start here to Learn about Homeschooling:

  • Go to HSLDA’s website ( where you will find the current laws by state.
  • Click on, and read, the section there on You Can Homeschool–Start Here (How To Do It for New Homeschoolers)
  • Go to the  Teach Institute website, which contains encouraging and helpful videos specifically for new Homeschoolers; also peruse and read some of the articles in the archive of Newsletters, which are a wealth of wisdom and edifying encouragement.
  • For curriculum choices:  Let me comfort you and quiet your fears:  You are not going to ruin your child by choosing the wrong curriculum.  I don’t recommend any one curriculum. I encourage you to pray, do research, and try something, starting with the basics of Reading, Writing and ‘Rithmatic (therefore, don’t spend a lot of money on anything). If your children are in K-2 that’s all you’ll need for now, plus library books.  Discerningly use the library for reading.  Get a good Math curriculum for your child.
  • ABeka and Bob Jones (for younger students) are known classics and have strong programs.  ABeka is about 6 months ahead of grade level, meaning if your child is able to keep up he’ll be doing very well, and no need to worry on standardized tests.  It is excellent, but known for repetition, so once the child has the concept, go on, and don’t do all the problems.  Bob Jones is really good for learning to do story problems.

For more practical suggestions, read “New Homeschoolers: How To Begin, Part 2.”

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