The “Love and Marriage” Series is Moving to Wednesdays!

With my head nodding over the keyboard, and sleep almost overtaking me, I will type fast to finish this before heading to bed!

Please Note:
The “Love and Marriage” series
will be moving from Mondays
to Wednesdays! 

The reason is simple:  I don’t blog on Sundays, if I can help it, and I need time to prepare my posts for this series!  This gives me a couple of days to make sure I have the interview, in this case, or whatever I’m writing for the series, done and edited.  Because I’m involving a lot of other people and their stories, I need to be considerate of their time, as well.  Also, not having the stress of “having to” have the post ready on Monday morning bright and early, allows me to rest (mentally as well as physically) on Sunday.

I don’t ever want to become a slave to my blog.  I am in control of it.  The Lord is in control of me. That is the perfect relationship structure for me.  It gives me a lot of peace.

So, what am I going to be writing for Monday’s posts?  At least for a little while, I’m going to be posting on the theme of

“Manage It Mondays”!

This fits my mental strategy for dealing with Mondays very well!  Handling Mondays, coping and trying to stay in control, and keep everything in the house and our schedule under control, (do you notice the word “control” coming up more and more?)…well, come back tomorrow to find out how we manage “everything” and more!  And join me on Wednesdays for the continuing “Love and Marriage Series”!
P.S. I would love to hear your strategies for starting out the week well. And for managing.
(As a Homeschooler, especially.)

2 Replies to “The “Love and Marriage” Series is Moving to Wednesdays!”

  1. No strategy for me! Monday is generally a crazy day for me. I tend to let the house go over the weekend so I spend a great deal of Monday morning getting things back in order and aggravated with myself (I feel behing the whole day). It's a bad circle. Can't wait to read about managing “everything”.

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