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This weekend and next couple of weeks will be especially crazy, as we’re going to have my brother and nephew here from Florida for 2 weeks!  We try to do a lot of special things with them, so it’s a lot of fun, but I’m not sure how much blogging I’ll be able to do!  So, this would be a great time to catch up on past posts!

Now, you can quit reading here and go and check out the rest of my site, or you can read on if you’re interested in catching up on what’s been going on with me that hasn’t made it into my blog!

What I’m Reading:
“Same Kind of Different As Me” by Ron Hall and Denver Moore (My first free book from Thomas Nelson Publishers–look for a review of this amazing, powerful story here soon!) 
What I’ve Been Doing:
  • Began attending a Writing Group
  • Hosted out of town/state relatives the last four weeks from Alaska and from northern Minnesota and tomorrow relatives come from Florida, and Wednesday friends come from Missouri!
  • “Enjoyed” (endured) very hot, and very windy, weather and a lot of rain
  • Searched for 3 hours in a storm with pouring rain for our neighbor’s sweet little dog that Kelsey was dogsitting, which had gotten scared by the storm we think.  God miraculously protected it as it ran a mile and a half and was picked up walking down the middle of a busy County road in a blinding storm! Rescued and found after much prayer! (A story in itself!)
  • Garden produce is being thoroughly enjoyed! The first beans from our garden were eaten last night! Also have raspberries, a lot of lettuce, onions, a few strawberries–and a lot of herbs Kelsey’s been harvesting (cilantro, basil, thyme, oregano, rosemary, etc.)! Beautiful flowers blooming:  lilies and dahlias are especially beautiful right now!
  • Blessed to attend special events like Betsy’s birthday gathering, 4th of July event.  My son attended an Air Show and got some wonderful photos, too–felt almost like being there when he showed his slideshow and to hear his descriptions (photos from many of these events, I hope, will be forthcoming!)

What I’m Planning to Eat While Company’s Here:

  • Wild Chicken, Salad from garden, watermelon, DQ Ice Cream Cake
  • Chicken Pot Pie
  • Grilled Chicken, Cilantro Grilled Corn
  • Hobos (cooked on an open fire by the lake)
  • Fried (or baked) Fish (hopefully bass caught in our lake!)
  • Crab legs which only my nephew and I like (we’ll get these at a restaurant)
  •  Mexican Lasagna, Garlic Cheesy Bread
  • and lots of Root Beer Floats, Ice Cream treats, Freezies, and
  • tons of fresh fruits and vegetables from garden and roadside stands!

Thanks for coming by and don’t forget to check out my Recipe today on Food Friday!

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  1. Hi Wendy, Thanks for visiting Honoring The King. I am now your newest follower. You have a wonderful blog here. I am excited to get to know you.

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