Tuesdays are Terrific!

The fact is, I love Tuesdays! I don’t know exactly why, but Tuesday is almost always a pretty good day for me! I hope your Tuesday is going wonderfully well.

I decided to do two Tuesday linkups today, as long as I’ve been participating in the Tuesday Tag-Along, and I do love photography, so this seemed a natural. You might like it, too!

Faithful and True Followers and Regulars, 
Thank you for your friendship, which I treasure!
I will never take you for granted!
Welcome, New Friends from Shutter Love Tuesdays! 
Please take a minute to read a few posts and check things out!
Tuesday Tag-Along Friends, let me know you were here!
I look forward to meeting you!

The theme this week of Trendy Treehouse’s Shutter Love Tuesdays is “Sports”! Head on over here for all the rules. Oh, and did I say, you also get to vote? If you love taking pictures, or have a family-friendly photo that fits this category, you also might enjoy entering! 

This photo was taken on a 4th of July picture-perfect day, and reminds me of a simpler time.

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First Linkup is Tuesday Tag-Along

Second Linkup is Shutter Love Tuesdays

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  1. Wendy-

    Thanks for visiting Lucy and I, and I'm so glad you enjoyed her! When I met her, I knew I had to share her with the world, and I know that her little face, and her antics have made a lot of people smile which makes me happy!

    I enjoyed your blog and can't wait to come back for more visits!

    Lucy's Human

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