An Award!

I got an award!  Well, I have a confession…um…I got it six months ago.  I am so embarrassed.  Has this ever happened to anyone else?  You know how I was telling you I’ve been really forgetting a lot lately? Well, this is just one more evidence, but one from 6 months ago! Tonight I was doing some “housekeeping” of my email inbox, deleting messages, and there was an email from 6 months ago telling me I had been given an award! I checked my blog, and it wasn’t there. I know that I meant to place it on my blog, but if I don’t do it right away…well, what I’ve always told my kids is true:  do it right away and then you won’t forget! Well, I didn’t follow my own good advice, and I FORGOT!  Oh, wow.  And it was given to me by someone very special:  Jami over at Intentionally Living!  Please go visit her–she’s just started an Etsy shop!  Everything is so cute, headbands, and necklaces that can also serve as belts, and collections…!

Jami is one of the blessings I received from the Lord when I started blogging: a wonderful new friend! I have met so many of you, and I feel richly blessed.  Blogging is an incredible…well… it’s like a hug through the computer, it’s like lunch with a good friend, it’s like getting lost in a good book, it’s like finding a great deal on something you were planning to buy anyway, it’s like a deep work of the Lord in your heart, it’s like hearing God say “I love you”…it’s like some of these things all of the time, and all of these things some of the time. Thank you all; I am grateful for every one of you!  (Remember that if you have something you’d like me to pray for specifically, you can just let me know, ok?  Click on “contact” up on the linkbar, if you would rather just have me see it, or you can also leave me a comment–then others can be praying, too.) I love all of you and am so grateful for this way of connecting with you!

And Jami, thank you for the wonderful award (very belatedly–I’m sorry)! (And you were so sweet to never even mention that I’d forgotten.)

I am sharing the “One Lovely Blog Award” with these 15 7 people–if I try to do another 8, it may take me another 6 months to get it posted–who I have “recently discovered” (which is the condition of the award)!
So, without further adieu, and in no particular order, here they are:  check out these blogs, and you may find yourself a new friend, too!
  1. Sharon Sharing God (Sharon is a new friend who has written some wise and inspiring posts and is such an encourager with her comments!)
  2. Saved By Love Creations (Johnnie makes incredibly beautiful jewelry)
  3. By Grace Alone (Jessica has been on bedrest and finally reached week 34! Yay, Jessica! She has such a sweet spirit through it all, and how fun is this, she lives in my city!)
  4. Ink Dots (Dorothy is a delightful new Aussie friend and has a gift for writing with a way of weaving a spiritual message into an everyday post.)
  5. Too Many Heartbeats (Teresa is bedridden with POTS–don’t know what that is? go over and visit her, she also educates on the subject.  She also has a wonderful attitude, and will encourage you.)
  6. Christian Mommy Writer (A military wife, with a toddler, who is a great writer–read her terrific tips in an article at Faith Deployed on “Keeping the Spice in Your Marriage During a Deployment”, advice which can easily be adapted for us non-military wives.)
  7. His Flower Kingdom (Lena takes the most gorgeous photos of flowers! She also has a wonderful post called “Marriage Trouble”–no, don’t worry, it’s not what you think.  Excellent and wise advice for all of us as wives!)

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6 Replies to “An Award!”

  1. Aaw Wendy! You are so cute! 🙂 Thanks for the sweet words and glad you finally posted it 😉 And don't worry I had forgotten about it! haha. Thanks for the kind words about our Etsy shop too 🙂 We just started posting items so that was soo sweet and encouraging of you to be so kind!

    Thanks Wendy!!


  2. Dear Wendy

    I am so honored…and touched by your very kind award!! It was such a thoughtful thing to do! I pass on this recognition to our wonderful Lord, who makes ALL things possible!!

    I am so grateful for our new “friendship” – tonight it feels like a BIG hug through the computer…

    Here's some love back to you – XOXO!!


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