Food Friday, Friendly Friday, New Friend Fridays

It’s Friday!  That means there are bloghops to join in, and meeting new friends!
It also means it’s Food Friday! I (almost) always post a recipe on Food Friday, so check it out!
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What’s happening here:
The weeks are flying by, it’s August already, which I can’t believe, and though it’s been hot and humid here in Minnesota, there’s a “back-to-school” feeling in the air.  A “quiet before the storm” of behind-the-scenes activity (I think everyone’s shopping!)  Everyone seems to be preparing, doing those last things-I-want-to-do-before-the-summer’s-over activities, also buying school supplies and clothes, planning and scheduling those special things that we can only do in summer! (We wait a long time for summer here in Minnesota, so we have to make the most of it!)  The corn in the fields is unbelievably high this year, the summer fruit and vegetable stands are in full swing, and the county fairs are popping up left and right.  (I personally can’t wait for the Minnesota State Fair, a yearly tradition for our family!)

This weekend there’s a small town festival, an extended family get-together, we’re serving at church, and after church there’s Family Fellowship (200-300 people gathering at an 80-acre family farm for a potluck, preaching, praising God in a hymn-sing, and some games and fellowshipping thrown in for good measure)!  A busy weekend ahead!  What’s up in your “neck of the woods” for the weekend?

Click here for the
“Recipe for Lund’s Pasta with Tomatoes and Zucchini”. 

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  1. Thanks for joining Homeschooling for His Glory. I am glad to meet you and you have a new follower. I can`t wait to read your posts.

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