Timely Tips on Tuesday: Heart of the Matter Online Conference

This Conference sounds really good!
(And it’s A Homeschool Conference You Can Attend
in Your Jammies!)
All you need is a computer, internet access and speakers!
is Coming August 9-13, 2010!
Click on the link above to go to the registration page!
Register Now! Starts in 1 Week!

A Few of the Included Topics for This Year’s Conference are:

  • Being Salt and Light Families
  • Christian Homeschool Success in High School
  • Homeschoolers–Ordinary World Changers


  • Quiet Time for Mother–How To Find Rest

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  1. Welcome Josiel,
    I'm glad to have you as a follower, and thank you for your kind words! Though I don't speak Portuguese, I was able to find a translation which I believe is accurate (also my limited understanding of Spanish gave me a rough understanding of some of the words)! I am thrilled to have a South American follower. I pray that this blog will always lift up the Lord Jesus Christ, and I pray He will bring all who He wants to come! I am happy to meet you!
    Translation of your comment for my other readers:
    Hello my brothers; Favour and Peace. Congratulations for the Blog so blessed, we are happy in knowing, plus a space that propagates the Lord Jesus. We would also like to share our Blog “Edificante message for Soul” http://josiel-dias.blogspot.com/ We will be happy if you visit, more still if you follow us. As I always say: Learning ones with the others we grow in the Favour and the Knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
    Josiel Dias
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  2. Olá meus irmãos; Graça e Paz.

    Parabéns pelo Blog tão abençoado, ficamos felizes em conhecer, mais um espaço que propaga o Senhor Jesus. Gostaríamos também de compartilhar o nosso Blog “

    Mensagem Edificante para Alma”

    Ficaremos felizes por nos visitar, mais ainda se nos seguir-nos. Como sempre digo: Aprendendo uns com os outros crescemos na Graça e no Conhecimento do nosso Senhor e Salvador Jesus Cristo.

    Josiel Dias
    Cons Missionário
    Rio de Janeiro

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