Thankful Thursday: Little Pleasures

Today it was Thankful Thursday all day.  (To read more thankful posts, visit Iris at Grace Alone.)  It was a good day.  I started out very stressed, however, by having to call and TRY to reserve a hotel for one of the three last nights on our upcoming trip still up in the air.  Who knew West Virginia would be so busy this time of year?!  Finally, after three hours of checking online, talking on the phone, GETTING CUT OFF BECAUSE MY CALLING CARD RAN OUT OF MINUTES (AAGH!) after a kind gentleman had checked out multiple hotels and rates and rooms for me and having to call and then starting all over with a different person, finally I got a hotel room with a king-size bed and a sofa bed, and a full breakfast included, and I think it will actually be CLEAN. Is that so much to ask?  From there, the day got better.  I went out to finish shopping for essential items, got a lot in a short time, and met a friend for a two-hour lunch, and drove in pouring rain for an hour–have you heard that Minnesota has been deluged, deluged, deluged with rain??  Southern Minnesota has experienced loss and one city in Wisconsin was virtually closed down.  On my way home, even Interstate 94 was flooded in one place  and instead of 70 mph, everyone was going 50.  But the good news is that the excessive rainfall made the Outlet Mall very empty and all the store clerks unusually attentive and I was able to find the PERFECT gift I needed to get, for soooo cheap! And then I found a pair of exceedingly comfortabe walking shoes, and they were on sale!  And then I was able to pick up the things at the grocery store that Kelsey needed for her party for her friends tomorrow, and she asked me to get the movie “Letters to Juliet” and we are ending the day watching a romantic movie–what could be better.
I’m thankful for all the little, little, little pleasures, the little successes, even the refreshing rain. It was so enjoyable! Walking through the dark streets around theoutlet stores, the comfort of my umbrella and the lights from the store windows shining out..The cherry on the top was the fact that I was able to talk to the store clerks and get to know them a little before giving them a tract.  I’m just grateful for getting on top of things and the sweet, pleasant day the Lord gave me! Thank you, Lord!
(I need to make a disclaimer: we just finished “Letters to Juliet” and while I enjoyed the story line, I can’t recommend it to you, for at least one reason:  the immodesty of the main star’s dress, or lack of it.)
It was still a good day:)
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  1. I know some people were suffering from too much rain, but the freshness of the air was wonderful to walk in–it was really lovely! It's really made everything so green and pretty, too.

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