The Changing of the Seasons: Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf

Do you love the fall leaves changing color as much as I do??  Oh, I love the beauty of fall, with the vibrant reds, deep burnt oranges, and golden yellows! I’m so grateful that we live in a place where we have a change of seasons.  I haven’t always felt that way.  The older I get, the more I love the beauty in the change of seasons.
Here is a book to read to your children which tells about leaves, and the change in colors.  It’s a beautiful and very fun book, by Lois Ehlert, called Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf.  You can read a review of this wonderful book by clicking on the title!
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3 Replies to “The Changing of the Seasons: Red Leaf, Yellow Leaf”

  1. Wendy – Unfortunately, here in California we don't get that wonderful “changing colors” of autumn! In fact, this week we haven't even had fall temperatures!! Two days ago, it was 109 degrees here where I live – Los Angeles was 113, one degree hotter than Death Valley! It has been a very mild summer – but WOW! We're in the middle of a heat wave…at the end of September. Very, very odd!
    Interesting that you talked about seasons changing – I just wrote something a couple days ago about seasons! Great minds think alike?!?!? 🙂

    Hope you're getting ready (and excited) for that trip!! Can't think of anything else you might need – are you taking something to write on? So you can record ALL THE WONDERFUL adventures you're going to have?!!!

    Take care, Wendy – oh yeah, the wedding pictures were beautiful – and the cake was, too!!

    GOD BLESS, friend!

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