Como Zoo Field Trip Photos

Remember that our “Mom Thing” went on a Field Trip to the Zoo?  Well, I forgot to post the pictures!  So, here they are.  (I apologize that the inside photos aren’t the greatest, because the lighting wasn’t very good.)

It was such a fun day, but it was pretty chilly! Who would have known that if we’d have waited until October to go, it would’ve been a lot warmer!!

Giraffes fascinate me.

5-week-old baby giraffe!
Isn’t he cute?

About a 13-foot-tall baby!

It’s a ways up there, and I didn’t zoom in, but he’s really sprawled, and boy, is he massive.

Can you see him camouflaged up there? BIG GUY! Look at that hand!!

All baby animals are cute, it seems, even baby orangutans.

We had so many kids under about 3-years-old! Aren’t they cute?

Like human children, the orangutans liked to play more with the cardboard box.
They had ripped it up and put it on their heads!

Even mama orangutan had fun with the rope.
See the measurements on the wall? Pretty big baby,
and even bigger mama.

I love the majestic beauty of a tiger.

Those that stayed longer heard this big guy ROAR!

It was the first Zoo experience for some of the kids.
He looks pretty far up there, doesn’t he!
We missed the seal show–Next time!

Zoos are so fun.

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