Photos of the Baby Shower For Rachel and Baby Christine

It’s just a year since Derek and Rachel’s wedding, and a lot has happened!  It was so much fun to help plan this baby shower.  I thought Carolyn had a wonderful idea to decorate using baby clothes in practically new condition that she found at garage sales (this also served as her gift to Rachel).  I loved the beautiful pink roses I found at Sams Club for $10.97–they were purchased a few days earlier and really opened up just at the right time.  I know Rachel enjoyed taking them home after the event.  The Lemon Sheet Cake turned out well.  The veggies with hummus were a big hit, too.  Mrs. Luciano’s talk was excellent.  (She has graciously given me permission to post it, so look for that in upcoming days.)  It’s fun to look back on this special evening celebrating the birth of Christine!

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One Reply to “Photos of the Baby Shower For Rachel and Baby Christine”

  1. Precious, precious photos!! Christine is such a sweetie! Sounds like a wonderful time.

    Can't wait until you get back LIVE!!!

    GOD BLESS, Wendy!

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