Timely Tips on Tuesday: Friends, Vote Your Values!

In the past weeks of heated political campaigning leading up to today, Election Day 2010, I’ve received many phone calls, as I know you have, if you live in the United States, with messages promoting or attacking one candidate or another.  I received a different kind of message yesterday which I believe is worth repeating.  It came from the Minnesota Family Council, and I pray that every person will take this message to heart:

“When Godly people don’t vote, ungodly candidates get elected.  When you vote, you’re not just voting for a candidate, you’re also voting for the candidate’s worldview.

Consequently, your vote directly impacts issues critical to the moral and spiritual future of our nation.

It’s critical that you vote because God’s Truth has stumbled in the public square with issues like taxpayer funding of abortion. Pastors are being mocked and attacked for speaking the truth.  Homosexual marriage bills are on the verge of passing in the 2011 session.  Mandatory sex-education promoting unhealthy sexual behaviors may become law in 2011. And greed and government intervention is causing economic crisis and job loss.

Please, vote your Biblical values tomorrow.”

I agree with the Minnesota Family Council.  So, this is my Tip for this Tuesday, November 2, 2010, and every Election Day:  Dear Friends, let’s realize that our vote impacts the moral and spiritual future of our country and let’s pray, be informed, and by all means, let’s Vote Our Values!
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2 Replies to “Timely Tips on Tuesday: Friends, Vote Your Values!”

  1. My family voted our values today. I now pray that the outcome will be favorable –

    I know that God's Hand is in all things – and I trust His Wisdom.

    I just hope that America finds a way to return to HIM, and to HIS truth.


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