Is God Really In Control?

Has it ever happened to you that you and your spouse, or other family members, seem to be hearing from the Lord at the same time on a specific subject or portion of Scripture, but unbeknownst to each of you? Then, something happens to reveal His working and you see that there is a theme to His teaching. That is what is happening to my husband and me. Without either of us knowing it, we were being taught by the Lord on the subject of the Sovereignty of God. How wonderful it is when you hear what the other is learning and it goes perfectly with what God is teaching you! That is the Holy Spirit at work.

God has been teaching me through our church’s study of the Book of Genesis in the Old Testament, about His Sovereignty. Actually, this has been going on for some time. He has given me practical lessons, as well. Then, this past week, I listened once more to a talk entitled “A Stronghold of My Life” by Elisabeth Elliot, and certain questions have stuck with me. “Do you believe that God is in control? In control of every little detail of your life?”

I have come to realize that the answer to those questions will make all the difference in my life. Am I just saying the words, but not really believing it in my heart, as my husband said as he spoke to our Home Church on Sunday? I have come to the realization that at least some of the time that is exactly what I’m doing. Joseph said, “You meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.” (Genesis 50) Whether others are intentionally or unintentionally taking aim at me when they do or say things, I have a choice every day whether I am going to hang on to those things, and be focused on the person and the thing they did, and feel injured, bitter, maligned, offended, and have a desire for revenge, or whether I am going to let it go and forgive.

Do I see God’s desire for my good behind EVERYTHING that happens to me? For that is His purpose. His desire is to conform me to the image of Christ, and to draw me to Himself. And He is in control.

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