Spiritual Warfare In The Life Of A Blogger

If you’re a regular reader here, you know that I’ve been going through a spiritual battle.  On the one hand, I’ve been seeing God move in amazing ways!  And on the other hand, I’ve been experiencing attacks which, at times, have been intense.  To those of you who’ve been praying for me, thank you, dear friends!  I am so grateful.  You don’t know how much it means to me!
I have come to the conclusion that the battle is in some part related to the Series on Prayer that I’ve been posting here on my blog.  The last thing satan wants is Christians praying more and believing God answers!  I have been learning some important truths about prayer, and putting them into practice.
I think it’s possible that God’s also been working in some of your lives through this series and you have powerful testimonies of what God is doing.  I don’t think that makes satan happy.

Is it possible God is making wonderful changes in your life (it would be so awesome to hear about that) and satan doesn’t like that your lives are being changed, your faith is strengthened, that God’s answering prayer and that his territory’s being threatened?!!

My faith has certainly been strengthened, through exercising it and through testing, and I am encouraged in the reality that I’m speaking to GOD!  During the same period in which “Do You Pray?” has been posted, I’ve been reading the book of Exodus–the same portion of Scripture our church is studying–and I’ve been especially noticing how Moses speaks to God, remembering that “speaking to God” is PRAYER!
His example has encouraged me to believe anew that God wants us to come to Him, believing that He’s going to answer, that He will take ACTION! and He will do SOMETHING BIG in response to my prayers.  The answer may not look exactly like I thought it was going to, but He will apply His Mighty Power to my prayers and answer them through His Spirit.  He inhabits the prayers of His people.  And, even more thrilling, He’s going to work a mighty change in and throughme (and you), if the answer is Yes to the probing question, “Are you available?”!
Satan doesn’t want that.  And he’s been trying to stop me.  I know it’s satan, because he has no new tricks!  He hits me with the same old thoughts, like, “Why even bother?” “You might as well give up!” “You don’t deserve this.” “You need a break–this is too much, you can’t handle this anymore.  You should get away–just tell your blog readers you’re not going to blog for awhile–leave responsibilities behind, go enjoy yourself, and forget about your pressures.” “Why don’t you just run away?” (quit, leave) Etc., etc., etc.  Same old, same old. 

Not related to this attack (at least that I can see), but running parallel, is a deep disappointment in a Christian brother’s actions, which has affected our family.  Satan has tried to discourage my faith and cause me to give up–after all, why bother, when even those Christians who you deeply admire and trust let you down?  And he’s been attempting to destroy relationships, undermine unity, cause strife, and convince me to act, and react, rashly and out of God’s will, and certainly ahead of God’s timing.  He’s attacked with some heavy-duty discouragement at times over the last few weeks.  The fact that he’s used Christians to do it hasn’t made it any easier.

My defense against satan’s attacks has been to:
  • Put on the whole armor of God.
  • Draw nigh to God.
  • Resist the devil.
  • Ask God to bind satan, and all his spirits who serve him.  (The spirit of lust, the spirit of discouragement…)
  • Continue to be in the Word.

And, finally, most recently,

  • Share with you all and a couple of Christian friends face-to-face some of the facts relating to the spiritual attack I’ve received, and ask for prayer.
I ask you to continue to pray, and thank you so much for your love and for coming alongside me!!  I’m doing well right now.  God is teaching me SO MUCH about prayer.  I have been learning to be totally honest with Him, and to TALK with Him.  We know how to talk to a girlfriend over coffee, and unload our heart to her, why not the Lord?  He knows all about our sorrows, and hears our faintest prayer. 

Can I ask you a special favor?  Would you pray specifically that

1) God would confirm in neon lights what I believe I heard from Him? (Did I hear from Him?  I believe I did.  Is God going to bring it to pass?  If it doesn’t come to pass, does that mean that I didn’t hear from Him, or did God allow His plan to be changed by others’ choices? Was it God’s perfect plan for Joseph to be hated by his brothers, almost killed, falsely accused, and imprisoned, or did people’s irresponsibility, and sinful choices and actions become God’s plan to mold Joseph into the man of God he became?)
2) That He’d make it clear what my response should be.  Please pray that others involved would obey His leading and His perfect will would be accomplished.
3) Please pray that strongholds of wrong thinking would come crashing down because of prayer, and that God would move mightily on our behalf.  That He’d accomplish His specific purposes in me and my family right now, changing us and making us strong and mighty tools in His Hand.
4) That we’d abide in Him and that He’d bear fruit a hundred-fold (a thousand-fold!) in our lives.
I cannot express how much I appreciate your prayers.   At times like this I am in awe at the power of blogging to connect people from all parts of the world for a purpose such as prayer (and I’m humbled and excited that you would do that for me).  Thank you so much!
Please read Part 5 of “Do You Pray?” today, and thwart satan’s plans by PRAYING!
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