Activities For Children on Timely Tips On Tuesday

One Week Ago!

This photo was taken one week ago today!  Much of the snow has melted this past week, and today it was in the 40’s, however, March traditionally is the month for the most snowfall in Minnesota, so it may look this way again before long!

With all the snow and crazy weather around the country (and world) this year, there may be many of you moms who, with your children, are feeling “cooped-up.”  Do I hear “cabin fever” anyone?

Here are some ideas which may help your children enjoy their time indoors:

  • Let them build a blanket fort (an out-of-the-way corner, over a folding table, card table or larger), or over a bed in a spare bedroom all work well, because you can leave it up without it causing problems. You can secure the blanket(s) to dressers or higher furniture, or even something in the closet.  Let them take some toys inside, and play to their hearts’ content!
  • Play “Store”!  Let them choose less popular canned goods from your pantry shelves and set them up to “buy and sell.”  They can take turns being the clerk and customer.  They’ll enjoy bagging, marking, and older children can even write out amounts in a small notebook and write out receipts!  This could even count for Math! In our home, this fun indoor activity occupied my children for hours (and sometimes days).
  • Get some new and fun library books, educational videos, or CDs.  Some libraries have animal puppets available for check out. Encourage them to put on a puppet show.  Perhaps a Bible Story acted out?  (Don’t forget your camcorder!)
  • Bake something fun together and let them help.  Make a memory! Peanut Butter Cookies with only 3 ingredients can be made by even the youngest cooks and take only 1/2 an hour start to finish!  Ingredients: 1 cup P.B., 1 cup sugar, and 1 egg.  Flatten with a fork crisscrossing or the bottom of a glass dipped in sugar. Optional: Add a chocolate kiss in the center. Bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.  (I still remember flattening cookies with a glass for my mom when I was VERY small.)
  • Get out that toy or activity that you’re always saying “sometime” they can play with.
  • Have a “Toy Exchange” with a friend, and allow your children to “check out” a new toy for a few days.  (Clearly explain that it’s like a library book that they can’t keep.)
  • Watch the birds or squirrels or animal life outside and read a book about it!  Cut out pictures from magazines or color pictures of your own of animals that you see.  Make some bird feed–find out what the birds in your backyard like!  Put an orange out or some bread crusts or crumbs, and see what happens.
  • On another line of thinking:  work more intently on training your kids to help with a chore, such as laundry–folding, matching socks, carrying them to the right bedroom; sorting, and how to use the washing machine, etc.
  • Practice washing dishes or dusting:  let little ones stand on a chair, and practice washing the plastic bowls and plates, cups and spoons.  What child doesn’t like playing in soapy water?  They’ll think this is so fun!  Don’t be too worried about the mess–just have fun, Mom!  Teach another child to dry the dishes.  Give them a rag that you’ve prepared and let them help you dust.  Teach them, and show them how.  Even the littlest can do this with an unprepared rag.  They’ll get a little dust up and feel like they’re Helping!

A quote for the day:
“The happiness of life
is made up of minute fractions–
the little soon forgotten charities of a kiss or smile,
a kind look, a heartfelt compliment,
and the countless infinitesimals of
pleasurable and genial feeling.”
by Samuel Taylor Coleridge (“The Improvisatore”)
Found in a lovely children’s book of poems and sayings called,
“The Springs of Joy,” by Tasha Tudor.

When you have much time indoors, there’s also much valuable time for bonding and training!  Look at it as an opportunity, and thank the Lord for your home and children–and husband!  Winter’s almost over, right?
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