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As the adage goes, “A picture’s worth a thousand words.”  With that in mind, here are the first of many posts of photos, in our Series on Modesty, of women and girls of all ages, shapes and sizes wearing modest clothing.  If you have thought about the subject of choosing your clothing based on not causing men to stumble or lust in their hearts, and wanting to please God in all things, then I hope that you’ve taken the time to read, “Does What I Wear Matter To God?”  and “Why Do You Dress That Way?”  This is a topic which is so important in our day and age.  I don’t pretend to have all the answers on this subject, but I, with you, want to explore this subject, and ask God to lead us.

Our church did a survey of men on what caused them problems in women’s dress.  Check out the results of the Modesty Survey.

I am purposely choosing a vast array of styles to show that anyone can look nice, and express their own style, and still dress modestly. It’s sometimes difficult to find appropriate clothing at an affordable price, and in your size.  I have found success at finding skirts and tops at reasonable prices in thrift stores.  I like dressing in skirts and tops, because of the flexibility this gives me to mix and match.  Also, my body type looks better in separates than in dresses.  What works for you?

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  1. good article. i do wear pants as part of my scrub uniform for school, but when i get home, i like putting on a long skirt and a comfy top. i do have some trouble finding skirts that are my size , but i sew and the newer skirt patterns are really easy and nice looking (and don’t take up that much time). do you have any suggestions for a woman who get a really late start on learning the art of homemaking and keeping and organizing a house?

    1. Thanks for commenting! I have wished I could sew better when I think of how difficult it sometimes can be to find skirts. But the Lord has provided. I scoop them up when I find them on sale in catalogs, and at the thrift stores.

      As to the art of homemaking: it’s never too late to learn. My first question is which area do you feel the most need in? Cooking, clutter-control, time management, cleaning? I would always encourage beginning with prayer for wisdom and direction. Then write down what your desires and goals are. Break it down into manageable bite-size pieces, and set some achievable goals. Get some good books on the subject from the library, and study up. Look around and see if there’s someone you know who’s an “expert” in the area (and a Godly woman) and “interview” her for her tips and suggestions. I have written many posts on subjects regarding Homemaking and Organization under the category “Timely Tips on Tuesday”–everything from Home Organization to Child-Training. You might look through those. Let me know which area you’re interested in most to start with, and I’d be happy to help you! This is a subject that I love to talk about:)

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