Blogger’s Prayer


“Never undertake anything
for which you wouldn’t have the courage
to ask the blessings of Heaven.”
Georg Christian Lichtenberg

I commit this blog to You, Lord.
I pray Your blessings on it,
Please use it as You wish.
If it be Your desire,
lead people to connect with the message here
and to grow closer to You
because they spent time here.
May what I say reflect You, and
if anything I say is not consistent with Your Word
May it fall to the ground and be forgotten.

As I turn this corner and desire to
move to the next level in blogging
I do so desiring to
go to the next level with You, Lord.

Help me to be more obedient to You,
more loving and devoted, too.
Thank You, God and Father,
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
and Holy Spirit, three in one.
© Wendy Gunn 2011