Questions Of Modesty

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A gathering at a lovely public park area near the waterfalls in the cities brought to my attention how sheltered I am.  It was a perfect evening, after unseasonably cold and rainy spring weather.  Everyone was enjoying the opportunity to gather for a picnic, take the little ones to the wading pool, grill hamburgers and hotdogs, and begin working on their summer tan.

Thinking of my Series on Modesty, (go over to my sidebar to see all the posts and click on the links to read them) I observed the dress, or lack of it, on this warm summer evening.  Nearly everyone was immodestly dressed to one extent or another.  Not surprising.  What surprised me was that there were no limitations due to age, physical condition or beauty, or awareness that they were in a public place, at all.

I saw every age, size and shape uncovered.

I felt empathy for my son and husband!  How could they avoid seeing more flesh than they wanted to?  It was everywhere!  I wondered why this was such a unique event for me, and why I hadn’t been prepared for it.  It slowly dawned on me that years ago I had chosen to stop going to public beaches, and to other gathering places where one might see too much skin in the summertime, in deference to my maturing son and protection of his eyes.  Our friends dress modestly, and if there’s a swimming party, for instance, at someone’s pool, they will usually make it segregated swimming, or invite only girls, or only boys.

It wasn’t a huge sacrifice for me to stay away from these places.  (We did have some agonizing times, I remember, trying to figure out what to do in different situations, so I don’t want to say it was all easy.)  But, I never made the transition back to going to the beach.  It is a rare day indeed when I experience a situation like this one, and it made me realize that I’m blessed to be “sheltered.”

This family gathering, and a recent sermon at church have gotten me mulling over questions of modesty.  When it was mentioned in a recent sermon that modesty, or immodesty, seems to be more a problem for younger women and girls, I thought, “Is that true?”

That started me pondering other questions regarding modesty.  I’m wondering what you think. Do you think the above statement is True or False?  Is immodesty more a problem for younger women and girls than older women?  Why? or Why not.

Has immodesty become more an issue in recent years?

If that’s true, what factors have contributed to that?

Is it more modest to wear a dress/skirt? or pants?

How has being married affected your attitudes on the subject of modesty?  If you’re not married, do you think your attitudes will change after you’re married?

If a person is considered a “modest person,” what does that mean?

  • in terms of the way they dress in public
  • in terms of their comfort in situations such as undressing in front of people, going to the doctor, etc.
  • in terms of their inner attitudes

Are we all born modest? or immodest?

How would you answer these questions?

If you’re a mom, what would you say are factors in the upbringing of your children, especially your daughters, that should or could influence their sense of modesty?

I appreciate your thoughts on this important subject.

(Though I’m moved over to WordPress as of today, my posts aren’t all here yet! Kind of like taking a trip and your luggage hasn’t arrived:) All my archived posts will be moved over here soon and I will be able to link to them for you.  Then I will have the Series on Modesty button on the sidebar and you will be able to click on it so that you can read all the posts in this series.  Thanks for your patience until then! That gives you time to think about these questions and leave me your thoughts!)



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  2. Oh, thank you, Amy! I can’t thank the Lord enough for meeting such a great friend in bloggerville as you. I do so appreciate your friendship, advice and prayers:) And I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry, as well, and look forward to deepening friendship as we serve the Lord out here.
    Love ya,

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