Stay-At-Home Mom or Stop-By-At-Home Mom

Stay-at-Home Mom.
Keeper At Home.

These are all names I call myself.

Notice anything these names have in common?  My question:  Should we call ourselves names with the word “home” in them if we’re hardly ever home?  I am a firm believer that most wives and moms are not home as much as they should be, and I tend to preach that message passionately; at least my family hears it often enough.   I also believe that young unmarried girls need to train themselves and their hearts to stay home and be content and happy there now, if they are ever going to be able to be contented “Keepers at Home” later.

I believe that the modern young wife and mom tends to do too much, go too many places, be involved in too many things and be too busy (arguably doing many “good things”).  We older wives and moms could be accused of elevating this to an artform.

How on earth do you keep from being too busy?  After graduating my children from Homeschool, my life became busy with other things.  I decided to intentionally pursue truly being a stay-at-home mom.  A lot.  I’ve had to work really hard at staying home.  It’s not easy to do sometimes.  The world, Christian and otherwise, is working just as hard, if not harder, to come up with every excuse why I should not stay home and tempt me away from home and family.  I’ve pursued having a heart turned towards home.  “Where your heart is, there will your treasure be also.”

God has made us to be social creatures.  We do need people.  We do need interaction with others, and I would go so far as to say we do need interaction with others outside of our family.  But, the key question is, “How much?”

How do we find balance? We must be prayerfully depending on God to lead us and obedient to His Word.

This week I realized that at certain very special times in life, I may need to be away more from home. (Did I actually say that?!)  In my case, it was during a stressful remodeling project.  I admit that I have needed more frequent times outside the home than is usual for me.

God saw this need and arranged some encouragement:

  • A young mom-friend of mine invited me to come for a visit.  It’s such an encouragement when a younger mom wants my advice on the subject of child-training.  It was such fun to watch her girls practice their puppet show which will be a part of the tea they’re planning for their grandmothers.  What a joy to be invited inside an other Homeschooling family’s home, and feel included.
  • A favorite cousin from out-of-state visited my mom and we went to help mom clean and prepare the meal and have a mini-reunion.  It was so fun catching up with my cousin.
  • We decided that it would do all of us good to get out and go for a few hours to a graduation Open House that we were invited to.  Yesterday was a gorgeous day, after a very hot and muggy day the day before, so, even though it was a long drive, it was delightful to be outside once there. I didn’t think I was going to have many people to talk to.  I was pleasantly surprised by the number of women there who I knew.  While sometimes these events can mean sitting and talking to complete strangers, which is uncomfortable at times, this time I had the opportunity to talk to so many friends who I haven’t seen lately or don’t get to see very often, including a number of young gals who came over and sat and talked to me–which is always a joy–and who I really enjoy talking with.

These were times of encouragement to me.  Times of serving, too, and times of encouraging others, but times of fellowship, and times of fun.

Glad, Rejoicing, Encouraged and Thankful
–that’s me!

How did God visit you this week, and show you He was there.  Little encouragements?  Any answered prayers?

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Don’t withhold encouragement when it is in your hand to give it, ok?  We all need what you have to share!

You are such a blessing to me, friends!  Your visits and your comments absolutely encourage me so much.  Thanks for stopping by!
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