Summertime (or Anytime) Activities For Children

You’re committed to staying home more this summer, but what are they going to do all day? Here are ideas for summertime activities and projects your children can do, just to get you started:

Younger and Middle Children:
  • Explore the backyard with a magnifying glass.  Find out what kinds of interesting bugs you have.  Keep them in a bug box.
  • Create a Sensory Backyard
  • Give each child an “Egg-carton Lunchbox”:  fill the cartons’ compartments with an assortment of fun foods.  Ideas:  apples cut up into small pieces, raisins, nuts, peanut butter or meat sandwiches cut up into bite-size pieces, carrots, crackers, cheese cubes.  Be creative. Add some goodies they don’t expect!
  • Have a picnic in the backyard.
  • Put down a blanket in the house and have an indoor picnic!
  • Do some fun crafts!
  • Get a butterfly net and see what you can catch!
  • Find a quiet place under a tree, and read a book.
  • Build a fort.
  • Run through the sprinkler.
  • Eat watermelon outside.
  • Have a cookout over a fire.
  • Sleep outdoors under the stars.
  • Set up a lemonade stand. Or make 3-ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies to sell to neighbors or passersby. (This link to the cookie recipe also includes indoor activities for children.)
  • Invite the neighbor children to your backyard or driveway for a puppet show and tell them about Jesus.  Color your own flyers and distribute them.  Teach them a Bible verse with actions.  You can come up with many of your own creative ideas. This is a great idea for older children, as well.
Older children:
  • Build or paint something.
  • Learn a skill.
  • Try doing something new:  Read a book or go online to find out how to do it.  Sewing, handwork, woodworking, home repairs, car maintenance, bike repair, piano tuning, drawing or painting (acrylics or watercolor), cake decorating, dog-obedience training.  These are just a few ideas.
  • Research a subject you’re interested in, but never have had time to study.
  • Build a model.
  • Teach a younger sibling a skill or explore a hobby together.
  • Plan a discipleship program with a younger sibling. Meet together regularly for one-on-one time with that brother or sister. Memorize Scripture together. Set a goal with them that, if they are able to complete, will be rewarded by a time together with you, or a special treat you will give them.
  • Play the piano or another instrument, just for fun.

These are just to get your creative juices flowing, because you can come up with so many ideas yourself!  Have fun with your children–what a joy to have them home!
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