Have You Ever Been To Women of Faith?

Have you ever been to Women of Faith? I haven’t yet, so I’m interested to hear from you if you’ve attended, what it’s like.  I have been chosen to go to a Women of Faith (Imagine 2-day) event in my area and blog about it, and will receive my two free tickets soon!  Can you believe that I won this? The event will be in October in my area, but they hold them all over the country, so there is likely one near you!

I haven’t attended a large women’s event like this in many, many years.  I know that the Lord has some purpose in a stay-at-home mom, conservative Homeschooling type like me being chosen, and He wants to say something to me, so I’m listening to hear what He has in store for me, before and after the event! To be perfectly honest, I’m a little nervous about it, and wondering what I’ve gotten myself into.  God’s been wooing me, calling me to draw closer recently.  In His Word more, changes being made in my priorities, in my thoughts, habits. What will this have to do with all that? I don’t know yet. But, I’ll be blogging after the event to let you know.

I never dreamed of being chosen, kind of a whimsical “oh why not, I’ll never win” moment, when I entered through Booksneeze!  Be serious! There must be hundreds of other (if not more) bloggers entering.  But, I did happen to see it the second it came up.  Since I didn’t ever dream of being chosen, I didn’t really do a lot of research on what it is all about, but here’s a preview video that will whet your appetite.

So, what’s it like?  Have you ever had a mountain-top experience at a women’s event that changed your life?

If you went to Women of Faith, did it profoundly affect your spiritual life? Have you ever been to, or do you know anything about, Women of Faith? Will I hate it or love it?



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8 Replies to “Have You Ever Been To Women of Faith?”

  1. Wendy, I have been to two Women of Faith events, and they are spectacular! You will absolutely love it. The speaking is amazing (Sheila Walsh is a favorite of mine) – and the music is uplifting and inspiring. You will laugh, and cry, and feel oh-so-close to the Lord.

    Go, go, go is my advice – I KNOW you will be tremendously blessed. The event did affect my spiritual life – I brought several books home, too, to read further. And one last thing, to hear a stadium filled with the voices of WOMEN singing praise to God – well, I felt a bit of Heaven touch my heart…


    1. Thanks for letting me know what it’s like! I’ve heard a lot of good reports about WOF and especially Sheila Walsh. The more I hear, the more I look forward to going, and the more I believe God has some special reason for sending me.
      I wish you could sit by me, Sharon!

  2. Amber,
    Oh, how cool! I can’t remember if I know what part of the country you live in, but I’m praying for good weather for our location. It can be nasty at that time of the year, or beautiful. Going outside to go for dinner might be very cold and wet, and sitting outside probably will not be an option. But, I know that warm fellowship makes up for any discomfort weather-wise.
    I think it would be a lot of fun to go with a small group of friends. I’m having a difficult time deciding who to have go with me!
    Thanks for sharing that encouragement. It’ll be fun to read your review.

  3. Hi Wendy. I’m also attending one in October to review for Booksneeze. However, I attended one with some ladies from my church several years ago, and really enjoyed it! Lots of great speakers and wonderful praise and worship music. I think you’ll enjoy it! It’s very uplifting and encouraging!

  4. Hi Wendy:

    I haven’t attended a Women of Faith event; however three weeks ago at our church, Women of Faith speaker Sheila Walsh spoke. We have an event once a year called “Girls Night In”. She is a powerful speaker with a powerful testimony. While we only had a two hour event that day, she is coming back in January for an all day event.

    If the other speakers are like Sheila, it will be well worth your time to attend. I’ve already purchased my ticket for January and am looking forward to hearing more from her.


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