Longing For Friendship Face-to-Face

This week the Lord blessed me with the fellowship of Christian friends. If the truth be known, I haven’t seen many people outside of my immediate and extended family for awhile. We’ve been busy hosting out-of-town family, and attending large group events. And, when we have to leave church immediately following the service, I don’t get to talk to many friends face to face. Lately I’ve longed for face-to-face conversation with female Christian friends.

Feeling Blessed

How blessed I’ve been, how grateful I am, that the Lord knew my heart. This past week, He blessed me by two friends who sought me out last Sunday to talk to me, a mid-week dinner invitation from dear old friends, and a last-minute lunch date with a very good friend on Friday! I am feeling truly blessed.

Laughter, sharing your heart…these are things a woman needs. God has made us that way. I am not talking about idle gossip, but sharing from the heart, and edifying one another, strengthening each other in the Lord.

If you are not in a place or time where you have the opportunity to share face-to-face with other women, God knows. But, tell Him your heart anyway. (This is often the case for young moms.) If it truly is a need of yours, He’ll supply it. If not, perhaps He is causing you to draw nearer to Him, and find in Him your all in all, as was the case for me.

God Knows

He was the first Person I turned to with my need, and I realized I’d been neglecting Him. Is He enough? I asked myself. Contentment. I need for that to be true. I read Philippians 4:13:

“Not that I speak in respect of want:
for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”

I was challenged. Yes, I would be content with Him. Unexpectedly He sent me a friend to encourage me, too. But, if He had not, I knew that He would’ve been there for me and enough.

You’ve Got A Friend

Do you ever long for female face-to-face Christian friendship? Do you think that’s a need of women? Has God encouraged you this week through a friend?

I am always thankful for all of you! Your comments really bless me. I love the relationships I have because of blogging. Old friends, new friends, how does that saying go, “One is silver, the other’s gold!” You’re important to me! And I am always here for you!

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3 Replies to “Longing For Friendship Face-to-Face”

  1. I have – in rather unexpected ways. Last October my daughters and I went to a writer’s conference. I happened to mention that we were going to it on a loop of homeschool moms and one of them decided to go to the same conference. I knew she was a writer but had forgotten it. We had some great meals together and really enjoyed some face-to-face time.

    We also had dinner with an online friend when we were in DC and enjoyed meeting her and her family.

    A great part of online friendships is that sometimes you go to an area and you already have friends there. It does add a whole new level to friendships. Its nice to already “know” some of the important things – like they love Jesus – so you can just jump in and be face-to-face friends.

    Funny – I sent you an answer to your email and when I got back to my inbox there was this post. I ended my response to you with I miss you. I guess that’s and invitation.

    Blessings, Phyllis

    1. Phyllis,
      I have met so many people online (sometimes my husband says jokingly “they’re not real,” but they are!) and it would be very fun to be able to see them in person if I were in an area that they live in, as you’ve done! Though you and I have gotten together in person, much of our friendship is online or by email, and how grateful I am for that medium of communication in our day! I love getting emails and comments:)

      Many moms who are home with small children, wouldn’t have any communication with friends at all, were it not for this.

      Thanks for telling about how you’ve gotten to meet bloggy friends in person–I love those stories. And, I’ve missed you, too, thanks for commenting,

  2. If we never see each other face-to-face, I look forward to seeing my wonderful Christian blogging friends in heaven someday! But, have you met any of your bloggy friends in person?

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