I Love Bags! Do You?

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I love bags.  I have always loved bags.  I will always love bags!

Bags are absolutely necessary for a stay-at-home mom, like standard equipment, don’t you think?  For Homeschoolers, they seem to be essential.  You know, for taking the schoolwork in the car, everything that goes to lessons, library books back and forth, to name a few.  That’s what I think, anyway.  I think they’re fun and I like to collect them.

When I had babies and I didn’t want to take the big bulky diaper bag, I would throw a couple of diapers in a small cloth bag, with other necessaries and maybe a change of clothes for the baby. I had a small bag for that.  Snacks and drinks and wipes or napkins also went in, but then we needed a bigger bag:) I have bags of all sizes, because sometimes you want to take a lot and sometimes you want to take a little.  A big bag when you’re going shopping is a great help.

When going on a day trip, a bag with a change of clothes and an extra, more comfortable, pair of shoes is always nice when you don’t know what the day’s activities are going to hold and you’re away from home. And, of course, I always use bags when going out of town, for bringing my favorite book to read, and extra writing notebooks, and a project if I think I’ll have time for it.  When I’m working on a knitting or handwork project, I use an attractive creativity-inspiring cloth bag to carry my work in, for my friends are sure to want to see what I’m working on, when I take it out at a gathering or at their house. I also like to work on projects in the car, and a bag will keep them clean.

I use a variety of bags to tote my stuff to church on Sundays.  This bag is required to be big enough to hold my Bible and notebook, and everything I’ll need to hand out on any given Sunday (I always have something I need to give to someone):  the cards for friends’ birthdays and anniversaries, gifts, thank you’s,  things I’m loaning or returning such as books and CDs, papers, pens, chocolate (never leave home without it), and everything else I might need.

My library bags wear out with use, and they must be quite large, so I am always on the lookout at thrift stores for another cheap one.  It’s especially fun when I find a unique and colorful bag for, say, $1.80!

I like to leave my purse in the car, or at home, and just grab my handy-dandy wallet thingy, with the slots for credit cards (and I include any gift cards I have and my library card, Sams club card, and insurance man’s business card, etc.).  It also has a see-through slot for my driver’s license, and a place for my phone, and a zippered pocket for cash–and then if I’m having lunch with a friend I can put her gift and my planning notebook in the bag, too, and carry it over my shoulder or on my arm and have my hands free, if we happen to do any shopping.  All the things you need for the errands you’re running, in the bag with you when you need them–that’s what I like.

I like to theme my bags around the holidays.  I have a favorite patriotic one, with a matching attached coin purse and key ring.  I have a fall cloth bag that’s zippered.  And I have a summer bag that I got on sale from Dayspring, when I purchased my Christmas cards ahead of time last summer.  It turned out to be a lot nicer than I expected and was very inexpensive.  (Have I mentioned how much I love buying gifts and cards ahead of time?)

This year I bought all my close friends who I give a gift to during the year a monogrammed bag, trimmed in their favorite color.  I took advantage of an online sale, and ordered them all at once. All year long, it was so nice to  have each of their gifts ready and waiting, and they were thrilled with their bags.  It has been kind of fun for them to feel like they are part of an exclusive club!  Everyone loves bags, so this is a surefire winner for gift-giving!

I love bags, don’t you?