The Sweet-Smelling Fragrance of A Woman

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You and I, as the wife and mom, set the tone in our homes.  I have to admit that sometimes I wish it were not so!  It’s a huge responsibility!  I realize it more because I see that power of influence in the home applies to not just me, but also my daughter.  The males in a home seem to be influenced by the atmosphere created by the females.  I believe that the women in the home, daughters as well as mothers, can make the home delightful, or just as easily, dreadful.

The question I must ask myself is, “What is my example?”

If we are compared to a sweet perfume or a disgusting odor, which am I, and which am I teaching my daughter to be by my example?  One that makes you hold your nose and want to be somewhere else? Or one that draws all the family together and makes them want to breathe in deeply.

I often become focused on the mechanics of Homemaking, and forget the atmosphere I’m creating.  Have  you ever thrown away something in your kitchen trash container, meaning to take it outside as soon as you were done with your cooking, but forgotten it there, only to be reminded later by a strangely atrocious smell?  This is like a bad example:  you can forget it for awhile, but pretty soon the whole house begins to stink, and you have to get it out of there fast.

Our attitudes, our countenances, the way we move about our home, the expressions on our faces when we look at our families:  these all create an atmosphere, they set a tone, for good or bad.

I am at times surprised as I pass a mirror to see a look on my face that I didn’t know was there.  Without thinking I smile at the person I see looking back at me–to cheer them up!  (And I feel sorry for the people who’ve had to look at her all day!)

This  reminds me of someone whose example I will never forget.  Our children were  much younger and we were at an event and sitting in an auditorium.  There was a family sitting in the seats just down a row and over a few seats to the right of us. I don’t remember the number of children they had, or what the husband looked like, or what any of them were wearing.  But, I remember her. Etched in my memory is the face of the most winsome woman I have ever been around.  Her gracious, gentle manner with her family was acted out for us over the course of an afternoon.  Each time she turned to look around or over at her children, I could see her face.  Her smile.  Her warm smile remained on her face and genuinely communicated love and tender affection every time she looked at her family.

I could not take my eyes off of her or the scene before me.  Her husband and children were magnetically drawn to her. Her smile and eyes conveyed an indescribable warmth and love that was absolutely irresistible.  I hated to leave this family.

I was so drawn to her.  It was delightful to watch her with her family.  Watching her was mesmerizing.  I have no way to know if she was a Christian, or really anything about her or her family, but being in her presence, seeing that example, has never left me.

I know that we are all different.  God has not given all of us the gift of her smile or her warmth.  (And I’m sure that she must have had her moments, just like everyone.)  God has placed in you and me the capability to bless our families and to love them.  He has given  us that gift.  We have the ability to use our unique giftings, personalities, and God-given specialness, as wives, moms (and daughters), to fill our homes with the fragrance of faith and love, to the glory of God.

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21 Replies to “The Sweet-Smelling Fragrance of A Woman”

    I create a sweet-smelling fragrance by lighting candles and spraying air freshener (usually Febreeze).

    I’m with Amber. Our house is a lot more sweet smelling when I remember Him in all I do and start my day off with my Bible and coffee. I also try to make a point to be pleasant…my children pick up on my attitude in no time…good or bad.

    Wendy – What a great encouragement and reminder to us wives. I really enjoy your blog. have a blessed weekend – Holly

  4. I create a sweet-smelling fragrance in my home by adding essencial oils to my sudsy cleaning water.

  5. Hi Wendy,

    Thanks for doing everything it takes to write such a beautiful blog! It is truely encouraging!

  6. How do I create sweet-smelling fragrance at home? Well, I have found that if I don’t start my day out in God’s Word and commit my day to him, it all heads south around 9am. LOL! For me, it’s really a matter of staying focused on Him as I go about my day, remembering that I’m not only serving my family, but ultimately I’m serving Him.

  7. Hi Wendy – This is a much-needed reminder for all women, I think. Sometimes I do so well at this; other times I do not. It’s really about surrending ourselves to God and seeing this as our blessed service to Him. Thanks for your encouraging and inspiring post!

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