Recipe for A Sensational Ice Cream Dessert

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It’s Food Friday, and I have a decadent dessert for you!  A few weeks ago, we attended a wonderful family reunion (I know, kind of an oxymoron in this day and age, but true!).  One of my husband’s sisters celebrated her birthday, and our niece, Stephanie, surprised her mom with a scrumptious dessert that she’d “whipped up.”  This was the ideal dessert for a hot day outside playing.  We were at a home, so it was hidden away in a freezer until the moment that she needed to bring it out.  It was so fun–her mom didn’t guess a thing, and was so surprised and blessed.

Recipe for A Sensational Ice Cream Dessert!

Serves: How ever many you want


  • Ice Cream Sandwiches
  • Whipped Cream
  • Heath bits

(Steph lives in Canada, and used a candy bar called _____. hmmm. I’ll get the name for my Canadian readers later and add that back in. It might have been Skor candy bars, which you can get in the US as well as Canada, so that would be a good thing.  I can’t seem to remember it:)

I haven’t tried it, but I wonder if you couldn’t also use toffee bits.  I just think you could experiment a little with this one!  (Well, ok, don’t I always.)  But, I love mint with chocolate, so I’m wondering…we have some mini mint chocolate chip pieces in our freezer right now…..hmmm.

Anyways. Here’s how you do it!


Food Friday Faith's Firm Foundation

Steph made hers extra special by using one of those cake decorator’s boards, but you could also put it on any flat surface, covered in aluminum foil, or contact paper, (or wrapping paper? or not).  A cutting board, cookie sheet, heavy duty cardboard, etc. would work.

  • Bottom layer: ice cream sandwiches in rows
  • Over that: Whipped cream mixed with Heath bits
  • Next layer: ice cream sandwiches in rows
  • Over that:  Whipped cream mixed with Heath bits

You get the idea.  Probably you’ll see how tall you want to go with this, and it will depend on how many sandwiches you used in your base how big your “cake” is, and how many you want to serve.  She served 30-35 people with the 15x18x4 (it was about 4-5 inches tall) cake. See the photo.  The pieces seemed HUGE, because of the height of each one.  It’s very rich, so it goes a long ways.

Cover (frost) the whole cake, top and sides, with more whipped cream mixed with the Heath bits.

Food Friday Faith's Firm Foundation


This is the ideal summertime dessert!  I love recipes that make practicing hospitality easier, don’t you?  It looks really pretty, which makes it a great dessert for a special party.  It will be perfect for couples and families, because besides looking like you fussed, the kids will love it, too! And it’s so easy. I hope you like it!




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