Spanking (Part 7)

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This is Part 7 in a Series on Spanking on Timely Tips on Tuesday, an ongoing Series of Tips on Everything Home. If you haven’t already read the rest of the posts in this Series on Spanking, I recommend you go over and read them; just click on the links!

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Time of Restoration

Once your child has truly repented, the spanking has been administered and he’s been forgiven, don’t just end it there.  Take some time for a time of restoration. Each child is different, but many children need a time of physical closeness.  Now, listen to me very closely:  It is imperative that the one administering the discipline be the one who comforts!!!  If they are running to the other parent, it shows they have a heart of bitterness towards you.  You are not the bad guy.  Their sin is responsible, and they need to recognize that.

They may need a time sitting on your lap, being hugged, and the reassurance that everything’s ok again between you. (If they don’t, don’t force it, of course.) They may need to just be held in your arms for awhile.  Don’t cut short or underestimate the importance of this time of restoration following Biblical chastisement. It is very important!

A Picture Of Christ

This is a sweet picture of the restoration that we have in Jesus Christ.  Forgiveness is so sweet.  The ties are stronger, the relationship open and free again. A child who has experienced chastisement, repentance, and now is forgiven will often exhibit a light and more open heart and attitude.  They may show great joy, or wear a sheepish, sweet smile.  Or they may skip out of the room laughing.  It all depends on your child’s temperament and personality.

Don’t Wait

The earlier that you train your child to obey you the first time you say something, the happier your child will be, (the happier YOU will be) and you will not need to spank as often, or maybe ever!  You won’t have the long, drawn out “big deal” and all the steps, at least not often.

If they have given their lives to the Lord, they will have the Holy Spirit’s conviction in their hearts and on their spirits and consciences, and the Scriptures will penetrate deeply.  Let the Spirit do the work in their hearts, and pray fervently for them.

Our Heavenly Father Will Help You

Our children are “on loan” to us.  They belong to the Lord.  Remember, tender-hearted mom, God is even more interested in their loving obedience than you are.  He will show you what to do.  He will give you grace to raise them for Him.  Obedience and discipline are part of the glad surrender to the Lord which every Christian must learn.  It is pure joy, and never brings with it any sorrow.  You are not doing anything to harm your child when you discipline him Biblically and lovingly.  It is for his good, though now it is definitely not pleasant, for you or him.  Remember the truth in the Scriptures.

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