I Love To Buy Gifts On Sale

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Christian Character - Copper Finish Bracelet

I love to buy gifts on sale–beautiful, lovely gifts–and have an assortment on my “Gift Shelf” to choose from!
Sales like this one make me very happy!  Think:  Birthdays, Christmas, or even next Mother’s Day!

How well-stocked is your “gift shelf”? Do you have weddings, Bridal and Baby Showers coming up this year? Have you begun to plan what you will buy your friends and family for Christmas?

I like to spread out the spending, so that it doesn’t make such a big impact all in one month.  I often buy both the Christmas and birthday gift at one time, with a theme: for instance, the Everything Beautiful Teapot for their Christmas present, and the Everything Beautiful Tea cup–or 2–for their Birthday.  Then I write it down in my notebook under Christmas and Birthday Gifts, so that I remember that I have already bought them something.

I know that I will buy gifts for these events, so buying them ahead of time and on sale

reduces my stress, and saves money!

Idea:  Start a collection of teacups for your daughter!

Gift-buying becomes easier when you have a collection to add to,

and beautiful and useful teacups become both decor and a treasure.

October is Ministry Appreciation Month.

Bless those who have blessed you.


It’s not too early to start thinking about the events coming up, especially Christmas.  In the coming month, I’ll be sharing other organizational tips to help us in preparation for a joyful Christmas.